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  1. Quick Valet Service
  2. Plenty of Passed Hors D ’Oeuvres
  3. No Lines at the Bar

A smooth start to your event will put everyone in a great mood and ready to party hearty.

And one sure cure to avoid any lines at the bars is to ask that your caterer has at least one bartender for every 50 guests. And don’t forget, pass a welcome drink when your guests arrive.

At Bill Hansen Catering, our servers pass drinks immediately, once guests have stepped from their vehicles, ready for an evening of many magical moments.

Another time for passing drinks occurs if the wedding and the reception are in the same venue, meaning that as soon as the ceremony concludes, there’s a mad rush to the bar.

Passing champagne or wine will deter those from crowding the bar and contribute to more mingling as guests have a drink in their hand and are ready to socialize, rather than rush to get in line at the overcrowded bar.

One trend in 2022 will be the comeback of rum drinks.  And the good news is that rum, compared to other spirits, is fairly inexpensive.  So how about a Mojito Welcome Drink?

Maybe a Mango and Rum Margarita or a Strawberry Daiquiri are in order.

And what about a Rum Runner?  (Light on the rum).

And who can go wrong with a Pina Colada?

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