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Bill Hansen Online Catering Courses

Service That Sizzles

Bill Hansen Standard for Exception Service

male server pouring wine into glass at side of table

Caterer Career Development Certificate Course

Our Full Management Course is a complete curriculum of 27 lessons and quizzes comprising both segments: The On & Off-Premise Catering Management and FOH & BOH Catering Skills. These are the best online courses available for your team!

male server with drinks on serving tray

On & Off-Premise Catering Management

Add Event Management and Wedding Trend expertise to your catering skills by taking these comprehensive special event courses designed specifically for caterers. Gain broad insight by taking a sweeping, in-depth view of these major life cycle events to maximize your effectiveness and involvement.

Management Course

Lesson Descriptions 1-13

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FOH & BOH Catering Skills

These courses are a comprehensive step-by-step training for best practices, protocols, and service. Explore the secrets of proper dining service, table set-up, tear-down procedures, and so much more!

FOH/BOH Course

Lesson Descriptions 14-30

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“Bill’s courses are great! I use them to help train my staff and they are providing impeccable service to our guests.”
Ray D.

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Bill Hansen

Looking for more in-depth personal training or consulting? Bill Hansen and his team with an incredible amount of experience, knowledge, and expertise are here for you! Contact us to let us help you achieve greatness with custom-designed training or personal consulting.

Order Bill Hansen’s Book Off-Premise Catering Management

Bill Hansen and the team

The Team

from L to R: Alice Conway; CHEP CSEP Emeritus, Janet Riccobono; CDP CLC, Rob Shannon, Debbie Thomas; CDP CSEP Emeritus, Kim Alexander; CEM CMP, Basil Stergiou; CDP, and Bill Hansen.
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